For nearly 35 years Doug Gordon and his wife, Angela, have been creating "happy times" and "magic moments" for visitors to these islands:  first as owner/operators of The Salt Raker Inn on Grand Turk and following its sale, as hosts at the Beachcomber Guest House (also on Grand Turk).

Since 1988 Doug has been very involved in turning much of the flotsam and jetsam washed up on Grand Turk and Salt Cay beaches into unique "collectibles."  Utilizing old pails, sand, shells, driftwood, bones, stones, pottery shards, beach glass... Gordon recycles them into one-of-a-kind lamps, mirrors, freeform sculptures, jewelry, wall-hangings, etc. 

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"It's a hobby that sort of got out of hand," Gordon muses, "but it's nice to know there is a little bit of the island adorning many homes and offices on all five continents."
Left:  View of a small part of the shop and its beautiful collectibles

Right:  Conch shell carving (this is all one shell!)

Left:  View of the sign from the road when Beachcombers is OPEN.

Right:  View of the walkway to the enchanted world of Beachcombers

West of the Airport
North of the Main Salinas
on right side of the road from the Airport to Deane's Dock

Open when the sign says OPEN
Closed when the sign says CLOSED